Where are we going?


This portion of the East Sherman project is expected to take a several months to complete. Beyond that, the City will be focused on incorporating all of the ideas that come from this effort into an East Sherman Master Plan, as well as beginning to work on implementing action-items that arise through the community dialogue.

Each of the project phases is outlined below.

March 2018 | Vision & Strategies

  • Confirm our vision for East Sherman.
  • Identify strategies for achieving our vision for East Sherman.

April 2018 | Design

  • Develop design solutions for East Sherman.
  • Identify implementation actions tailored to our community.

May 2018 – December 2019 | Complete the Master Plan & Begin Implementation

  • Prepare the East Sherman Master Plan.
  • Begin aligning polices and financial resources.
  • Discuss on-going community stewardship.